Monday, March 28, 2016

Swallowship Time!

Bet you didn't know such a thing existed! Swallowship is a termed coined by Pastor Dolph as fellowship and eating(i.e. swallowing) together. So that's what we did on Resurrection Sunday this year. We bring out lunches and lay them out. Everyone gets a chance to taste someone else's cooking. Fun. We had music, dancing, laughter and of course eating!
Pics for your pleasure. Enjoy!
African Missionary Stanley busting a move showing African style dancing

More African dance moves

Youth Director on the right, Assistant Youth Director on the left, both of them drummers and ministers of the kingdom

Youth Director getting the youth to bust a move

Youth Bust a Move continues

Ladies dancing

Missionary Stanley with his servant spirit serving one of our youth

Swallowship Time!

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