Thursday, November 10, 2011

Next Steps

If you’re not a member of the Morne Prosper Pentecostal Church and would like to be a member, Next Steps is for you. If you’ve made a decision to follow Christ and would like to know more about what’s next, Next Steps is for you.

NEXT STEPS is a series of classes divided into four modules.
Fresh Start 101 covers topics like Your New Life in Christ, Your New Life in God’s Love, Your New Life in the Spirit, Deliverance and Growing in Your New Life.

Church 102 introduces you to the church, the history of PAWI, the history of the Morne Prosper Pentecostal Church and what we believe as an organization.

Discovery 103 takes you on a journey to discover yourself, your personality, your spiritual gifts, your passions and interests.

Dream Team 104 ties all the information in Discovery 103 together and helps you find your fit in the body of Christ and more specifically in the Morne Prosper Pentecostal Church. You’ll be introduced to the Ministry Teams here at the church and be guided as to where you can serve.

Next Steps takes place every Sunday afternoon at 4pm.

Teachers: Pastor Dolph Valerie, Sis. Jennifer C. Valerie,  Sis. Cornillia Dejean

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